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2017-2018 Resident Meal Plans

Residents must remain enrolled in a Meal Plan and may customize their plan with any combination of add-on packages. Plans are $2989 per semester and add-on packages are $100 each. For downloadable information on meal plans, click here.

Select Your Meal Plan
  • 19 Plan
    19 Meals per Week at McKinstry or Kahl Cafe and $75 per Semester in Bonus Dining Dollars, plus, $50 per Semester in Community Dollars and 3 Guest Meals per Semester 
  • 12 Plan 
    12 Meals per Week at McKinstry or Kahl Cafe and $125 per Semester in Bonus Dining Dollars,plus,
    $50 per Semester in Community Dollars and 3 Guest Meals per Semester 
  • Block 150 Plan  
    150 Meals per Semester at McKinstry or Kahl Cafe and $350 per Semester in Bonus Dining Dollars, plus, 
    $50 per Semester in Community Dollars and 3 Guest Meals per Semester

Customize Your Plan With Add-On Packages!

Select As Many Packages As You Like!

  • $105 Additional Declining Balance $100/semester
    This add-on deposit receives a 5% discount and tax free status on your purchases at the register (Value $119)

  • 3 Gift Packages per Semester $100/semester
    Halloween or Valentine, Mid Term Pizza Party, Final Study Break Package (Value $119) 
  • "Stash Your Pad" Dormitory Food and Beverage Stock $100/semester (Value $119)

Declining Balance Bonus Dining Dollars can be used any time for a purchase for yourself or a guest in any operation including McKinstry, Buchman’s Thyme Café, Hazel’s Café in the Albany Library, Lucile’s Café in the Troy Library or Kahl Campus Center Café.

Meal Plan Basics

Refuel Your Meal Plan

If your declining balance  funds are getting low, Refuel Your Meal Plan by adding more Dining Dollars! Deposits of $25 or more can be added to your card TAX FREE. When you spend added dollars on Dining Dollars you receive a 5% discount at the register.

Add Dining Dollars

Visit the Sodexo Dining Services Offices in Troy or Albany.

Lost or Stolen Card?

Lost or stolen ID's can be replaced. Should this happen to you please contact Public Safety and Dining Services immediately.

Spring Meal Plan Re-enrollment Made Easy

Students enrolled in a Fall semester plan will automatically be enrolled in the same plan for Spring semester. If a student would like to change their plan for Spring semester, simply provide written notification to Campus Life PRIOR to the start of Spring classes.

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